Founded in the Show Me State (Missouri) in 2014, ShowMeVirtual is St. Louis’ first virtual reality production company, now also serving the greater NYC area. We immerse the audience inside your world by leveraging marketing, fan experience, and VR, AR, and 360° video expertise to craft premium branded experiences.

Our Story

          In 2014, we received our first virtual reality developer kit, and were blown away by how powerful and impactful VR experiences were, even in the industry’s earliest stages. We eagerly jumped right in to begin building our own VR experiences, 360° camera rigs, and software because we recognized that virtual reality would change media forever.


          As some of the earliest pioneers of this new wave of virtual reality technology, we’ve been tasked time and time again with creating custom solutions and solving challenging technical problems that have never been tackled before. Our hands-on experience over the last several years has put us on the forefront of virtual and augmented reality development, granting us invaluable platform partnerships and recognitions.


          Since founding ShowMeVirtual, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with many amazing organizations, ranging from international sports and marketing agencies to local businesses and institutions. We even work with our direct competitors in the VR industry on a regular basis, leveraging our extensive knowledge to help them create and deliver their own custom solutions. We’re honored to have built amazing VR projects for top talent like the Edmonton Oilers, Team RBC Golf, and Jason Giambi among many others, and we’d love to immerse your audience next!