Learn About VR & AR

          Virtual reality teleports us in a way no other medium before it ever has. Rather than experiencing an event through the boundary of a screen, we are placed inside the world of an experience as if we were actually there. It’s the most powerful medium to ever exist because of the way it tricks our brains, convincing us we’re experiencing a new reality. Unlike every medium before VR, our minds power the medium itself, rather than simply interpreting it. Virtual reality gives us the feeling that we’ve lived out an event first-hand, and it evokes emotion and creates spatial memories the same way an experience would in the real world.


          Augmented reality enhances the real world by enabling virtual objects, information, and entire digital worlds to live on top of our surroundings. Through AR, we can add infinite, customized layers of information and entertainment to existing products and places, yet keep them invisible to the naked eye. Augmented reality is a powerful bridge between the digital and real world, enabling virtual interactions within our own familiar environments.

Our Competitive Advantage

          With all of the renewed hype around virtual and augmented reality, it’s critical to cut through the noise when looking for a professional VR or AR development team. We’re confident in our experience with delivering powerful, end-to-end VR and AR solutions of all sizes, and we encourage you to talk to our competitors to better understand the value and expertise that ShowMeVirtual brings to the table with every project.


          More often than not, we hear disheartening stories from brands who were excited to jump into these mediums, and hired an agency or VR development team with little industry experience. As the barrier to entry of AR and VR development has dropped significantly over the last few years, many new companies have emerged, hoping to capitalize on the hype by pushing poorly crafted and unengaging content to less educated clients. While VR & AR may be rooted in technology, you should be weary of content studios that focus on tech specs as a main selling point of their solution. While we’ve been guilty of this in years past, we’ve learned to stop abusing buzzwords like “proprietary” which have lost all meaning in the VR industry, and have instead become an indicator of misguided priorities.


          Just like most technology companies, we’ve spent years developing our own custom hardware and software where existing solutions have fell short, but have come to understand that the true value of VR and AR is entirely in the quality of the content, its accessibility to your audience, and the lasting impression an experience leaves behind. While we continue to develop our own in-house solutions, our powerful competitive advantage is in our deep industry expertise, and thorough understanding and prioritization of the end-to-end user experience. This powerful combination enables us to create an immediate connection with your fans, and leave a lasting impression that forever shapes the way your audience engages with your brand. We want to help you discover the best solution available, even if it’s not with us, but we’re confident the value, experience, and extensive industry knowledge we provide will make us an obvious choice for your next project.

How Can Your Brand Utilize VR & AR?

          The most innovative and forward thinking brands constantly search for what’s next, and how to foster deeper engagement with their audience. Virtual and augmented reality offer a whole new range of experiences, challenging the notion of traditional storytelling, advertising, training, and visualization as we know it today. Rather than leaving them as an outside observer, these technologies enable your audience with agency, inviting them into the world of your brand.


          Virtual reality is the perfect medium for giving your fans the type of experience they couldn’t have anywhere else. Everyone dreams of meeting their favorite celebrity, traveling the world, or driving an exotic car, but few have the means or access to do so. VR enables a large audience to experience these once-in-a-lifetime events, but can also go beyond real world experiences by letting viewers explore vast digital worlds, be anyone (or anything) they want, and interact with objects that break the laws of physics. While virtual reality is often seen as a gaming and entertainment platform, it has a staggering real world impact on almost every major industry. Because VR is the closest simulation we have to the real world, it’s quickly replacing existing training and visualization applications to enable deeper learning while reducing and removing risk.


          Augmented reality is the perfect medium for supplementing a real world product or service with additional information and utility. It enhances the way we experience the world around us by offering virtual assistance and digital interactions while maintaining our physical presence. AR is also a powerful training and visualization tool, enabling users to operate real equipment and perform complex tasks with no prior knowledge or understanding. The real and virtual composite of augmented reality continues to rapidly remove friction from our increasingly digital interactions.